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Gate Driveway

Gate Driveway

Gate Repair Palos Verdes Estates is the company that you need to call if you are in need of gate services of any kind for your residential or commercial gate. We are a company that will show you that we can be depended

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Gate Company

Gate Company

Gates are a nice addition to any driveway. These gates are also great for places like gated communities, hotels and parking garages. Our Gate Repair Palos Verdes Estates is a company that installs these gates for residential and commercial customers.

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Electric Gate

Electric Gate

Palos Verdes Estates is a city that is located in the southern part of the coast of California that borders the Pacific Ocean. It is a city in the county of Los Angeles and it has an approximate population of around 14,000 people.

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Gadgetry for your Electronic Gate

01/14/2017 Back To Blog

Owners of electric driveway gates can attest to the high levels of convenience and security that these marvelous contraptions bring to the home. Their automation makes coming and going that much easier, while their stalwart design helps families get peace of mind in knowing that they, and their property is properly protected.

But what if I told you there were even more ways to extend the functionality of your gate?Gadgetry for your Electronic Gate

How you can make your Electric Gate do even more?

There is a great deal of additional components that you can fit to your driveway gate that will give it additional features, greater protection and further convenience. From extensions for your motor, swing gate operator, intercom systems and safety features, beefing up your driveway gate is actually really easy.

Universal Controllers for Convenience

In this age of connectivity, keeping track of which remotes operate which appliances can sometimes get overwhelming. Having a controller for each and everything in your home can be costly, but it can also make it easier to lose them.

If this sounds familiar to you, know that there is a way that you can trade in those old remotes for a universal gate opener that can be programmed to operate a number of your household appliances at once.

No need for remotes: Get smart

Another solution to having your home and car littered with gate remotes, is to do away with them altogether. A lot of modern technology takes advantage of the connectivity and functionality of smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets that are empowered with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology. Speak to a gate technician today about having your security gate benefit from these technologies as well.

You can never be too safe

Your driveway gate can be made to operate even more safely and reliably with the addition of any number of safety and security features available for purchase and installation. Safety sensors which protect pedestrians and vehicles within the gate’s crushing zones are an invaluable commodity, while UPS’s and backup batteries ensure that your gate will continue to operate and protect you, even when the power is out.

These are but a few of the additional features which you could have fitted to your security gates at home to help them better protect you and your family, while ensuring that they continue to supply you with the safety, security and convenience that you need from them.

If you have any questions on how you could update your driveway gates at home, or would simply like some advice on your setup, be sure to contact a trusted provider of gate installation, repair and maintenance services such as Gate Repair Palos Verdes Estates and speak to a professional for more details.

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