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Gate Driveway

Gate Driveway

Gate Repair Palos Verdes Estates is the company that you need to call if you are in need of gate services of any kind for your residential or commercial gate. We are a company that will show you that we can be depended

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Gate Company

Gate Company

Gates are a nice addition to any driveway. These gates are also great for places like gated communities, hotels and parking garages. Our Gate Repair Palos Verdes Estates is a company that installs these gates for residential and commercial customers.

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Electric Gate

Electric Gate

Palos Verdes Estates is a city that is located in the southern part of the coast of California that borders the Pacific Ocean. It is a city in the county of Los Angeles and it has an approximate population of around 14,000 people.

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Our team has the right answers for all your gate repair questions.

What material should I choose?

Wrought iron gates are the most common ones but some choose wooden ones, too. The best trait of a steel gate is its strength but you would still need to apply coatings for higher resistance to the elements. Wooden gates will make your property invisible to the world but they may rot easier. They need frequent maintenance service and application with coatings that will protect the material.

Why must I get an intercom along with a keypad?

Intercom installation won't only be complementary to the gate opener keypad but it will reinforce your home security. According to professionals, a good gate intercom system would allow you to check who's asking permission to enter your premises. You can actually see and talk to them and you will have the opportunity to deny access. It will be the best way to avoid strangers.

What must I look for when buying an opener?

Contemporary residential gate openers usually embody safety sensors but you need to make sure of that. It is highly suggested to get openers with more sensors, like light sensors, especially if you come home late or you have children. You could also add a timer, which would close the gate behind you if you forget it open and make sure you get the right horsepower.

Is solar powered gate a better option?

Solar powered gates are certainly better than running electricity to the driveway. First ensure that you invest in a high end gate opener. The 12V pieces found in most stores look affordable but cost a lot to repair and replace at a later stage.

How do I know when the chain is due for replacement?

According to our specialists, the easiest way to tell if the chain of a gate opener is due for replacement is if you notice that there are broken or even just loose links. However there are also signs that may not be easily detectable. When in doubt, it would be best to seek assistance from the gate contractor.

How often should batteries be replaced?

The batteries in gate openers are expected to run out of juice after five years, under typical gate usage. Consider replacement after five years since the batteries may no longer be efficient and may not be able to provide enough power to open or close the gate when there is power outage.

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